'Walk and talk' at Tulchan of Glenisla

‘Walk and talk’ at Tulchan of Glenisla

Scottish Woodlands Ltd is leading a ‘walk and talk’ event designed to share knowledge of good practice in managing land and estates across Scotland.

The event, part of a series organised by Scottish Land & Estates, takes place at Tulchan of Glenisla in Angus on Wednesday March 8th.



Neil White, Perth Branch Manager for Scottish Woodlands Ltd, will discuss peatland restoration and native woodland planting projects taking place on the estate.

He said: “It’s a really interesting site - a great example of a modern Scottish estate, which can blend more traditional sporting activities like shooting and stalking with a strong focus on future-proofing through woodland creation and peatland restoration.”


Mr White said he had attended a previous ‘walk and talk’ event organised by Scottish Land & Estates - and was impressed.

“There was a good, mixed audience and lots of positive discussion,” he said, “So I was keen to do something to showcase the innovative work going on at Tulchan of Glenisla.”

Mr White said the event would involve a short presentation, before guests saw peatland restoration in action, in an easily accessible area close to the lodge. This will be followed by discussions about woodland creation and carbon finance. Emma Kerr, Scottish Woodlands Carbon Manager, will also attend the event.

“Scottish Woodlands does a very wide range of rural work, which includes peatland restoration and native woodland creation as well as planting and managing commercial woodlands,” said Mr White. “The way we work shows that it’s not about either-or choices in rural Scotland - we need all types of tree planting alongside a range of creative environmental projects, including peatland restoration, to secure the future of our estates.”

To find out more about the event, and to book a place, click here.



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