Our Senior Management Team

Ralland Browne

Managing Director

Charles Bushby

Regional Manager

Iain Calvert

Head of Compliance

Alex Cranke

Regional Harvesting Manager

Andrew Crompton

Investment & Estates Manager

Neil Crookston

Regional Manager North

Duncan Gilchrist

Head of Division - Landscaping

Michael Hall

Regional Manager

Dessy Henry

Operational Director

Rona Higgins

Compliance Manager

Douglas Hyslop

Regional Harvesting & Marketing Manager

Casey Keller

Regional Harvesting and Marketing Manager (North)

Andrew Kennedy

Regional Manager (Investment & Business Development)

Adrian Kirby

Head of IT & GIS

Lynne MacDonald

Human Resources Manager

Andy MacLachlan

Regional Manager

Paul May

Regional Harvesting & Marketing Manager (West)

Craig Nimmo

Utilities & Landscaping Director

Simon Oldham

Technical Director

Matthew Parr

General Manager Projects

Jamie Reith

Business Development Manager

David Robertson

Director of Investment and Business Development

Ian Robinson

Forestry Director

Stephen Stanley

Timber Marketing Director

Adam Stokes

Regional Harvesting & Marketing Manager (South West)

Andrew Tuft

Harvesting Director

Richard Walker

Finance Director

Stuart Wilkie

Environment and Certification Manager


Our People