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Timber Harvesting and Haulage

Tree Felling

Throughout our network of 13 offices nationally we regularly engage local competent timber harvesting contractors.

Our Contractors operate a range of purpose-built harvesters and forwarders, skidders and skylines to facilitate delivery of in excess of 1,000,000 tonnes of timber per year to the major sawmillers and processors.

Our supply chain includes several timber haulage firms, some owner-operators and also much larger firms to service the haulage needs from forest to sawmill gate.

Our hauliers are embracing new technology such as Central Tyre Inflation control systems to minimise damage to fragile roads, lightweight trailers, on-board weighing machines, and Satellite tracking to maximise efficiency.

Haulage Solutions from Scottish Woodlands

All of our hauliers operate to the Industry best-practice Roundwood Haulage Code of Practice.

We can also offer innovative timber harvesting, shipping and haulage solutions with our major Contract partners, including floating barges, independent loaders, tractors and trailers for secondary forwarding to transfer points.

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Innovative Timber Shipping & Haulage Solutions