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Please note: Scottish Woodlands Ltd reserves the right to charge an acquisition fee to any clients who are successful in acquiring any property which is introduced to those clients, or reported on by the company.

Properties available on the open market

The following properties are available for sale on the open market via a variety of agents. Scottish Woodlands Ltd do not act as selling agents and are able to provide valuations or detailed acquisition reports on these properties to clients who wish to instruct the company to act on their behalf.

Helmsdale, Sutherland
61.4 Hectares
o/o £80,000


Property type: Amenity & Commercial Woodland

A site with a native pinewood scheme and 29 hectares of land for re-stocking.

Allanton, North Lanarkshire
37.79 hectares
o/o £122,500

Hartfield Woodlands

Property type: Commercial Forest

Mixed conifer and broadleaved woodland crops planted in 2003. Available in three lots.

Watten, Caithness
89.24 Hectares
o/o £172,500

Watten, Winless, Beal & Cogle Woods

Property type: Commercial Forest

Small conifer woods comprising of Sitka spruce and Lodgepole pine crops planted in the early 1980’s. Available in four lots.

Alford, Aberdeenshire
67.4 hectares
o/o £300,000

Priests Wood

Property type: Commercial Woodland

Small mature conifer plantation with potential for immediate income from timber felling.

Sutton upon Derwent, East Yorkshire
33.44 hectares
o/o £310,000

Sutton Woodlands

Property type: Small Mixed Woodland

Small mixed species property comprising mainly of attractive broadleaf stands.

Rhynie, Aberdeenshire
78.6 hectares
o/o £325,000

Dual Burn

Property type: Commercial Forest

A commercial forest comprising of mixed conifer crops planted in 1975. 17.8 hectares of ground awaits restocking before further felling can be implemented.

Dumfries, Dumfries & Galloway
321.5 hectares
o/o £390,000

Fleet Woodlands

Property type: Broadleaved Woodland

A site with 70 hectares of mixed conifer crops planted in the 1970’s and 237 hectares of naturally regenerating birch woodland.

Isle of Arran, North Ayrshire
350.42 hectares
o/o £425,000


Property type: Commercial Forest

The property comprises conifer crops planted in the 1980’s with 211 hectares of open hill ground. Excellent stalking opportunities for Arran’s renowned red deer.

Dolgellau, Gwynedd
68.4 hectares
o/o £450,000

Tyn Y Llechwedd

Property type: Mature Commercial Woodland

Mature stands of mixed conifers offering the potential to generate immediate tax-free income.

Isle of Mull, Argyll
214 hectares
o/o £500,000

Lochdon Forest

Property type: Commercial Forest

Closing date: 14th October 2014

Mixed age and mixed species crops offering potential for continuing income generation. Available in 3 lots.

Skenfrith, Monmouthshire
72.4 hectares
o/o £510,000

High Meadow & Craighill Woodlands

Property type: Commercial and Amenity Forest

Half of the crops on site comprise of young mixed broadleaved woodland with the remainder being largely mid rotation Douglas fir crops.

Barrhill, South Ayrshire
123.18 hectares
o/o £585,000


Property type: Commercial Forest

Closing date: 19th August 2014

A conifer forest largely comprising spruce crops planted in 1984 and 1991. The property benefits from access over a communal timber link road to the A714.

Dallas, Morayshire
244.61 hectares
o/o £690,000

Coldwells & Tom Na Moine Forest

Property type: Commercial Woodland

A forest comprising largely of Lodgepole pine crops panted in 1977 along with 99 hectares of land for replanting. The property also includes a renovated two bedroom bothy.

Dalmally, Argyll
222.28 hectares
o/o £795,000


Property type: Commercial Woodland

Largely mature conifer crops with developed access. Available as four lots including small amenity lots with frontage onto Loch Awe.

Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire
120.0 hectares
o/o £800,000

Malling Forest

Property type: Commercial Forest

Closing date: 18th December 2014

Spruce dominant crops planted in 1984. The provision of internal access infrastructure has commenced with the recent construction of 250 metres of forest road.

Bridge of Cally, Perthshire
182.43 hectares
o/o £1,000,000

Easter  Bleaton

Property type: Commercial Woodland

Commercial spruce forest now in the restructuring phase with young restocked crops and mature timber for further harvesting. Good developed internal access.

Balquidder, Perthshire
647.55 hectares
o/o £1,650,000

Monachyle Forest

Property type: Commercial Woodland

An extensive forest property comprising 50% open ground. The stocked crops are predominantly spruce dating from the 1980's. Further access development will be required to facilitated harvesting.

Stow, Scottish Borders
118.56 hectares
o/o £1,650,000


Property type: Mature Commercial Woodland

Closing date: 14th January 2015

A compact, mature spruce forest well located to supply timber markets in South Scotland.

Strathnaver, Sutherland
2412.91 hectares
o/o £1,750,000

Rosal Forest

Property type: Commercial Forest

Closing date: 10th December 2014

A large scale commercial conifer forest comprising mixed age and mixed species crops (65% Lodgepole pine). A significant timber reserve but in a remote location.

Peebles, Scottish Borders
415.5 hectares
o/o £4,000,000

Hallmanor Forest

Property type: Commercial Forest

A property offering good scale well located to supply south Scotland timber markets. The crops comprise mainly of spruce planted in the early 1980’s and a sustained harvesting programme could be implemented in the next few years.

Dumfries, Dumfries & Galloway
1,121 hectares
o/o £10,000,000

Auchencairn & Ettrick Forest

Property type: Commercial Woodland

A commercial spruce forest of significant scale capable of producing sustained income from timber felling. The property benefits from developed internal access and is well located to supply markets in south Scotland and northern England.

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