Scottish Woodlands

Scottish Woodlands Ltd - the United Kingdom's leading Forest Management Company

Forest Management: Managing Existing Woodlands

Scottish Woodlands offer a full range of professional forest management and contracting services to woodland owners. We aim to provide the highest quality of service and we were the first company in the UK, in 1999, to be able to offer certified sustainable forest management to our clients. Whatever the size of your woodland or the complexity of your problem, we have the expertise to help.

Professional Services

  • Forest Management Plans - Compliant with grant requirements and Forest Certification schemes
  • Landscape Design
  • Digital Mapping
  • Grant Approvals - SRDP and other schemes
  • Environmental Management and Species Conservation
  • Managing Woodland Access and Recreation
  • Woodland Inventory and Tree Surveys
  • Forest Certification for sustainable forest management

Maintenance Operations

Thinning and Felling

Plant Health

  • The SWL Forest Biosecurity Poster is available to view/download here. (707KB)

For further information please contact your local forest manager.