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Scottish Woodlands Ltd - the United Kingdom's leading Forest Management Company

Forest Management: Overview


Scottish Woodlands is an innovative company providing a comprehensive range of professional services connected to all forms of woodland management, trees and rural property.

We operate to the highest environmental and safety standards and have a dedicated staff of professionally qualified managers throughout the country.

The Company manages over 200,000 hectares of woodland valued in excess of £500 million for more than 1,500 clients. These include individuals (both in the UK and overseas), farms and estates, private sector companies, institutions, local authorities and other government bodies. Scottish Woodlands has planted over 60,000ha of new woodlands in the last two decades. We have the knowledge and expertise to undertake work programmes at any scale.

Whatever you want to do, if it is to do with trees we can help you. For more information, please click on the topics below.

Please contact your local Scottish Woodlands manager who will be happy to talk you through the process.

If you do not already own land but wish to do so, our investment team can help you find and purchase suitable planting land which, in due course can be managed on your behalf from an appropriate Scottish Woodlands office.